Pasted glass




asted glass is a modern technique, created by applying specific epoxy glue on coloured glass tiles, glued to a single glass sheet to design impressive artworks. The glass tiles, free from lead boundaries, resemble a collage of coloured light.

Glue-chip glass can be of any desired size, big or small, suitable for public and private locations, both inside and outside.
No limitations about resistance and safety, thus the glass sheet can be applied to any kind of glass: tempered, shatterproof, unbreakable, and bulletproof.

This kind of glass is always assembled on double glazing, in order to preserve its integrity, to prevent the dust to accumulate on uneven surfaces, and to avoid any damage possibly caused by the sharp edges of the glass sheet.

This technique is very simple and adaptable, and it is exactly for this reason that a high craftsmanship is needed in the drawing on the glass: the drawing expresses all the artist’s designing strength and creativity.